Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing Your Site's Content for SEO

One of the most effective ways to get your site’s pages to rank higher in search engine results is by adding original text to each page. Google crawls and indexes each page individually, and ranks pages higher based on their relevance to certain keywords.
We recommend that you create original, organic content for each page of your site. This content should incorporate your page’s keywords in a natural, unforced way. For example, if you own an automobile repair shop, your homepage’s keywords could include “car repairs”, “professional mechanic”, “reliable mechanic”, “complete auto service”,...
Search engines aim to understand your site visitors’ intent and provide the most relevant results according to the search phrase that they have entered. We recommend writing content that answers popular questions related to your main keywords. It’s a great way to draw visitors to your site, while proving to search engines that your site has value and should rank higher for the search phrases that your site visitors enter.
You can attract more site visitors and gain more traffic to your site by regularly creating fresh content for your site. Consider maintaining a blog and FAQs page, or adding a testimonials page and other site visitor-generated content, such as a forum. You can add other rich content, such as video or audio clips, that keeps site visitors engaged and on your site for longer.